Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chalkboard Thoughts...

One...I finished my chalkboard banner a couple days ago. I'm excited about it! And two...I love this quote right now. I read Blue Like Jazz a few months ago for the first time.

 I don't know why I never jumped on that band wagon, but it's a great book.

 I really enjoyed it. I came across this quote while I was reading it and feel like it really applies to my life over the past several months. I feel like in general, I grew up being a pretty black and white, cookie-cutter, this is the way things go, "arithmetic and formula" kind of person.

I always had my patterns and ways of doing things and didn't really stray from them.

Which in some ways, is great. But I also feel that in some ways, it can be not so great. I feel like God has taught me a lot over the past several months that sometimes, it is just necessary to stretch your faith in Him, and step outside of the cookie cutter pattern that you have built your life around.

I feel like by doing so, I have learned so many new things about God and His character, so many new things about faith and prayer, and have received so many blessings by (I hate to use the cliche phrase) stepping out of the box.

 Don't get me wrong. Sometimes I think the box is good. But sometimes it might not be. And sometimes by stepping out, it brings you to a new place of worship.

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